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3 Unexpected Fields in Need of Computer Scientists

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So, you got your computer science degree, but now you realize a lifetime of repeatedly asking to reboot the power cycle just isn’t for you? No problem. Here are three major fields that can benefit greatly from computer science graduates in somewhat unexpected ways.


If you’re looking for an opportunity to really shine in a different arena, the manufacturing field could really use your talents. Having an technologically skilled employee on hand to troubleshoot and reprogram a faulty toshiba microdrive can make a huge difference in manufacturing processes. With so many machines relying on the same kinds of coding languages to interact with one another, someone with a background in computer science technology can make a big difference in the efficiency of a manufacturing plant.

Environmental Science

For those CS majors with a desire to do something to help the planet, environmental scientists are in great need. Some colleges are even offering mixed programs with future environmental scientists studying how to use computers to analyze great amounts of data. If you’re hoping to put your skills into saving the whales with real-time predictive analysis of life-changing data, you can make a big contributions in this field.


Healthcare is another field that is in great need of tech-minded individuals. Helping with analysis of internal patient data as a consultant or as a full-time administrator can make a positive impact on the care of sick patients. Who knows? You might find yourself at the forefront of health information technology research that helps to predict potential health risks to patients while they can still be offered preventative care.

While this is by no means an exhaustive list of options, you can plainly see that your computer science degree isn’t just a means to become a call center specialist. With the skills you gain through your study of technological interactions, you are poised to play a valuable role in any field in the job market today.