3 Reasons to Visit a Podiatrist

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The medical field consists of a variety of doctors. You may be used to visiting your doctor for an annual checkup, but there are situations when your doctor will recommend you see a specialist. If you experience a foot issue, you may be referred to a foot doctor altamonte springs fl, for example, who can offer a course of treatment.

Here are three reasons why you may consider seeing a podiatrist.

Ankle Injury

An injury to the ankle is best evaluated by a podiatrist, or foot doctor. Some ankle injuries are minor sprains that feel better within days or hours. Other sprains can lead to something worse. The correct diagnosis up-front prevents further injury as a result of walking on a bad ankle too soon. A podiatrist can determine if the affliction is superficial, a fracture or nerve-related.


People living with diabetes know that they have to follow their directed regimen, but they are not always aware how the disease affects their feet. A podiatrist will examine the small arteries in your feet. Since diabetes causes an increase in bad chemicals in your body and a decrease in the good chemicals, the walls of your arteries become weak. In the worst case scenario, damaged arteries in your feet can lead to amputation so that it does not spread to the rest of your body. Preventing the loss of your feet due to diabetes simply requires a consultation with a podiatrist. If the case if far along, a treatment plan can be developed.

Foot Fractures

It is far too common for a person to experience an event that affects their feet and their ability to properly walk for an hour or two. Since their ability to walk well returns, a second thought is not given to the event. In unfortunate circumstances, these negligible injuries do lead to something worse. Visiting a podiatrist, even for an opinion, offers some peace of mind.

If you experience an ankle sprain, foot fracture or live with diabetes, consulting with a podiatrist ensures your feet stay in good health.