3 Facts about Vertigo

If you have ever felt a sudden surge of dizziness, you may have experienced vertigo. This surge can be an outlier occurrence or something more long-term. To receive a proper assessment, you may consider visiting your regular doctor. You may also look into visiting a chiropractor for vertigo.

Here are three facts about vertigo.

What is Vertigo?

Medical professionals have often found that patients confuse feeling faint with feeling dizzy. Feeling like you are about to faint is a symptom that should not be ignored, but it is not related to vertigo. Dizziness, alone, does not mean that you are experiencing vertigo, either. Dizziness from vertigo is often accompanied by blurry vision, ringing ears and trouble maintaining balance. Once you notice that these symptoms are indeed occurring, you are advised to pay attention to their frequency and how long they last. It could be an outlier situation or an indication of something more serious on the horizon.

What are the Causes of Vertigo?

Often, symptoms of vertigo do not appear out of the blue. Vertigo is usually a result of something else. Vertigo has been linked to issues occurring in a person’s head, inner ear or spine. Issues in this area of your body affect your balance because the nerves are not operating optimally, anymore. The main culprits are migraines, damage to the inner ear and obstructed blood flow to the brain. Misalignment and damage to the spine are others.

Chiropractor for Vertigo

Those who are diagnosed with vertigo by their doctor will be offered medical solutions based on the test results. If your doctor does not recommend a chiropractor, you can still request a referral. Chiropractors take a holistic approach when treating patients. During your first visit to the one you pick, a thorough assessment will take place. The goal is to pinpoint the cause of the vertigo so that the best treatment plan can be concocted. Chiropractors have found that readjustments lead to nerve and balance stabilization.

There is more than one way to treat vertigo. Chiropractor for vertigo treatment is one available option.

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