10 Signs That Your Blog is on the Right Track

No blog becomes successful immediately and a lot of hard work is required to build readers and subscribers. But how does one know if he/she is on the road to success or if he/she should reevaluate the tactics of blogging?



The following 10 signs indicate whether or not your blog is on the right track. If some of them hold true for you, don’t quit, be patient and continue to work diligently till you reach your goals.

1) Ability to Influence

A blog is a powerful tool for influencing, attracting and inspiring action. A successful blog can influence the readers to perform any action or can change their thought pattern, notions and decisions. If your blog has the credibility and authority to make an impact on the readers, influence them in a positive manner, then it is surely a sign of success.

2) Growth in Traffic

It is easy to create a blog but difficult to build one with substantial traffic. Traffic is a good yardstick of a successful blog. Traffic is important for any blog as it represents the popularity of the blog. If your blog is visited by numerous readers who stay on the page for a considerable amount of time, know your blog has reached a superior position. There are various tools available for measuring blog traffic like Google Analytics, Technorati and Alexa.

3) Engagement has Increased

With numerous blogs these days, it is difficult to engage people in your blog. If you find more and more readers are commenting on your blog and sharing your links, know that you have successfully been able to engage them and your blog has achieved the status of a successful blog.

4) Personal E-mails

After a post, if you receive a large number of personal e-mails, recognize the effect your blog has had on readers. Only pleased and satisfied readers will take out the time and energy to mail you.

5) Offers of Guest Blogging

When you have become a successful blogger, people will want your help to promote their own venture.  This will help you become part of bloggers’ community and others will be attracted to your blog.

6) Defined Niche

If you want your blog to boom, it is important to clearly define your niche audience and how you can customize your posts to cater to their interests and expectations. When you start to understand what kinds of content your readers appreciate, your blog will be on the right track.

7) Obtaining Domain Name

Having a domain name of your own earns credibility to your blog. When your blog appears as a result of typing a search term, readers are more likely to click on it and read the contents.

8) Generation of Revenue

If someone reads associate links added to your blog posts, finds it useful, and makes a purchase of a product recommended by you, you are sure to get a commission and an indication of your blog’s success.

9) Improvement in Content Quality

As you keep posting persistently, your knowledge about various topics and different aspects of blogging increases and improves. A self-analysis and increase in readership figures will point out that your quality of writing has enhanced. This in turn is an indication that your blogging career is a successful one.

10) Achievement of Goals

Every blogger has a different definition of success. For some it is achieving a particular number of subscribers, while for others it may be earning a particular revenue amount. The most definite sign that your blog is on the right pathway is the achievement of your own set goals.